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Old school mario games
The player stays on the same place in the middle of the screen while the environment on the screen is moving from right to left (like the player is running to the right). There are different obstacles coming from the right side: Obstacles on the ground (boxes, canals, moving objects): players have to jump over them. Timing of the jump is essential. You can make this more complex by including repetitive jumps as well. > it’s just a jump in place: cause the environment is moving you will jump over the obstacle. > You can add minimal jump heights for different obstacles that the AI can measure. high obstacles (like a ceiling or something): players have to make a squat to avoid “bumping their heads”. > You can make the ceiling long: the player has to stay in a squat position for a few seconds > You can alternate obstacles on the ground with ceilings: players are forced to make repetitive squats jumps. obstacles half height: these obstacles are too low for a squat: a player has to make a burpee. > By giving an obstacle on the ground alternated with an half height obstacle: players have to make a burpee with a jump on a certain pace. > The height of the half heigh obstacle can determine if a player can stay in plank position or has to bring his chest to the ground. Timing of the movements (not too early and not too late) is essential in this game. Beside you train some important strength exercises in a fun way. The “levels “ can be made more complex by increasing the pace. Bo Ladru
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